News & Information on COVID-19

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News & Information on COVID-19

For information about COVID-19 please visit

Essential Visitors: Seniors are at a higher risk of serious illness if they contract COVID-19 (coronavirus). Help us minimize the spread of COVID-19. Do not enter our senior buildings or any of properties including our offices if you have: a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing; symptoms of a cold, diarrhea, or vomiting; been outside Saskatchewan in the last 14 days; been exposed to someone who has COVID-19. You might be contagious even if you do not have symptoms. Respect the health and safety of RHA tenants and staff by not visiting unless it is necessary. We expect all tenants and families to follow the Provincial health orders.

As of March 24, 2021, access to the Regina Housing Authority office is restricted. If required to attend, you must call first. Please contact us at (306)525-2377 Option #2 if you have questions about attending the office.

Rent payments remain due on or before the 1st of each month. You may pay rent as follows:

  • On line banking – excluding CIBC
  • Telephone banking
  • E-transfer to – you must indicate your first and last name, your address and tenant account number. Please call our office if you need to obtain your tenant account number.
  • Personal tenant cheques will be accepted up until the 10th of the month
  • Money order
  • Certified cheque
  • Social Assistance Cheque- please ensure your endorse (sign) the back
  • For all cheques, please either mail, or place in an envelope with your name, address and phone number and/or email on the front and drop into our mail slot at the 1850 Smith Street Location
  • Inquire about Pre-Authorized payment option
  • If you require an alternate method of payment, please contact our office at (306)525-2377 Option #2
  • If you have questions about your rent, please call our office

Documents: We ask that you use alternate methods of bringing documents into our office.

  • Mail to Regina Housing Authority, 1850 Smith Street, Regina Sask, S4P 2N3
  • Place documents into an envelope with your name, address, phone number and email and place into our drop box at 1850 Smith St. Please phone us at (306)525-5377 Option 2 or email us at to confirm receipt of your documents.
  • Email your documents to
  • Fax your documents to (306)347-7812
  • If you need a document from RHA, you may be able to obtain these documents from our website. You may also contact us at (306)-525-2377 Option 2 or email us at and we will be happy to get those documents to you.
  • If you mail or drop off documents in the mail slot and need the originals back, please be sure to identify this

Maintenance calls: For the health and safety of tenants and staff, RHA will be prioritizing calls. Priority will be given to urgent issues.